Jericho Road Ministry started in 2011 with the following Mission: From crisis to Christ-Centered hope and restoration. 


Six people gathered that first Monday in January to pray.   With Christ in the midst of this organization, our foundation is set and our first step is sure. 

Soon, plans for our new space started to come together.  Three offices, one hub for volunteers, a food storage area with a pantry, and access to a kitchen, fellowship hall, and adjoining rooms for interviewing future customers.   The space is well suited for the Jericho Road operation.  Volunteers have been busy building and painting.  We are located at the corner of 16th avenue and 33rd street near Powderhorn Park, a perfect location for referrals from partner churches, organizations, schools, and also easily accessible to walk or bus to for our customers.

Wonderful Gospel-Centered partners are making this space quite the urban ministry hub.  Jubilee Community Church shares the space with us.  As the Lord puts Jericho Road on your heart, please continue to pray for and support us.  

On the Jericho Road

Jericho Road Ministries is located in the basement of the old Powderhorn Park Baptist Church.  

The interesting irony was that Powderhorn Park Baptist was a church plant of Bethlehem Baptist over 100 years ago to reach out to Norwegian speaking people.  

The building is a very solid brick structure with parking lots on both sides and a handicapped ramp.  Jericho Roads entrance is off of the south side parking area.

The old Powderhorn Park Baptist Church now houses Jubilee Community Church and Jericho Road Ministries.