Jericho Road Food Shelf

At one point, Jericho Road Ministries was able to obtain over 18,000 pounds (that is over 9 tons) of food for about $100, which is what it cost to rent the truck to pick up the food.  This is just to illustrate and make more real to you the value and power of your gift.  We try hard to steward well the scarce financial resources that are available.

Job Coaching

Staff and volunteers are available for job coaching.  Support in acquiring birth certificates, state I.D.'s and transportation is also available.  If you or someone you know is in need of help in their job search, please call Jeffery Noyed at (612) 455-1193.

Community Garden

Gardens of Praise Ministries is an urban agricultural development project that strives to go beyond reconnecting urban people with nature to reconnecting them with their Creator and to bring the knowledge of how to produce your own food in the city through holistic farming experiences.

For information regarding Gardens of Praise or to volunteer contact: Laurie McRostie, Gardens of Praise. [email protected]

Mobile Dental Clinic-August 3rd, 10 - 3 pm

This Mobile Dental Clinic is for low-income patients who have a serious dental problem (such as pain or an abscessed or broken tooth) and no dental insurance or the financial means to pay for care at this time.

Licensed volunteer dentists utilizing the Mobile Dental van will provide treatment.


Operation Grace has provided this van, and brings dental care to families in Minnesota.  They are providing free or low cost dental care to thousands of patients each year.


Operation Grace is a Christian humanitarian aid organization dedicated to demonstrating the love of Christ to people with basic dental needs.  While they are faith-based, they serve everyone in need, regardless of their faith background.  They welcome volunteers of all faiths to serve with them.


We schedule the dental van to spend at least two days per year here at Jericho Road Ministries.  Other churches in the area also host the Dental van on other dates.

Shoe Bus - July 27th, 9 - 11 AM

Providing new or slightly used shoes for a minimal cost to those in need.  The shoe bus is coming to Jericho Road Ministries in March, July and October. Shoes will cost between $2 and $5 dollars.  Prices are suggested donation amounts but are not required.  Exceptions are made based on need.


Urban Softball Series

An eight team league, multi ethnic urban softball league is sponsored, coached and supported annually by Jericho Road Ministries.

On Saturday, July 28th will be the 28th Annual Softball Tournament at Powderhorn Park.  All are welcome to come and cheer on the Jericho Road Team.